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Visa requirements for Malaysia

Visa requirements for Malaysia

The minimum capital required to obtain a visa is RM500,000 for 100% foreign capital. For restaurant, retail, and wholesale businesses, the minimum capital amount of RM1,000,000 and a license are required. In addition, an office is always required for visa application, and it is possible to apply for and obtain a visa using SENTRO’s office.

Steps to obtain a visa

Register your company with the Immigration Bureau

(only for initial application)

Application for Employment Post Permit
Application for employment pass issuance
Steps to obtain a visa

*Time required to obtain a visa: about 6 months (only for the first application)

Required Documents and Information

Personal documents and information

  • Full-page scanned copy of passport
  • Amount of support payments
  • Diploma of the last school attended (English translation)
  • Name of person authorized to sign various documents
  • Company Profile
  • Current Position
  • Latest Resume
  • Passport-size photo
    (4.5 cm (length) X 3.5 cm (width))
  • Parent company name and headquarters address

Documents and information about the corporation

  • Background of visa application and parent company and Relationship between the Parent Company and the Local Subsidiary
  • Registration documents
  • Address and telephone number of local subsidiary
  • Company Profile of Local Subsidiary

*In some cases, additional information and documents may be required on an individual basis.

Points to apply for and obtain a work visa in Malaysia

Types of work visas that can be applied for in Malaysia

Malaysia was ranked the No. 1 country where Japanese people want to live in 2019 by the Long-Stay Foundation.

Malaysia is becoming popular not only as a place to retire, but also as a place for new graduates to find work or change jobs, especially among the younger generation.

(If the period of stay is less than 90 days and the purpose of entry is tourism, the visa is exempted, but for stays longer than 90 days, a visa is required.

Types of work visas that can be applied for in Malaysia