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We are an established corporate service provider of professional services in outsourcing of accounting, payroll, corporate secretarial, expatriate permit for business, and company registration services and all other related services in Malaysia.

Incorporation Services

About Incorporation

A company having a share capital may be incorporated as a private company (identified through the words “Sendirian Berhad” or “Sdn. Bhd.” appearing together with the company's name or public”Berhad” or “Bhd” appearing together with the company's name)
The requirements to form a company are:

  1. A minimum of two subscribers to the shares of the Company
  2. A minimum of two directors; and
  3. A company secretary who can be either:
    - An individual who is a member of a professional body prescribes by the Minister of Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism: or
    - An individual licensed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)
Note: Both the director and company secretary shall have their principal or only place or residence within Malaysia.
What is included in the fee
  • Appointment of 2 directors
  • 2 subscribers
  • Authorised Share Capital of RM400,000
  • Issued Share Capital up to RM400,000
  • Preparation & stamping Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Minutes for the First Baord of Directors meeting
  • Submission of Forms 24, 44 & 49 after incorporation
  • Board resolution for opening bank account
What is not included in the fee
  • Registration fee pay to CCM
    - depending the Authorised Share Capital of the proposed company
  • Name search fee – RM50 per proposed company name
  • Stamping Memorandum of Association – RM200
  • Attestion fee – RM30 per company directors
  • Minutes book, Register of Members, Common Seal and Share Certificate book – RM150
  • Printing and stationeries – RM150
  • Travelling expenses – RM200
What is the steps to incorporate
  1. Application of Name Search
    A name search must be conducted to determine whether the proposed name of the company is available. Where the proposed company's name is approved by CCM, it shall be reserved for three (3) from the date of approval.
  2. Lodgement of incorporation documents
  3. a. Memorandum and Articles of Association

    • An original of the Memorandum and Articles of Association shall each be stamped. Stamps are affixed at the Inland Revenue Board's stamp office.
    • The first directors and secretaries shall be name in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    • The subscribers to the company;s shares shall sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association in front of a witness.
    • Table A of the Fourth Schedule in the CA can be adopted as the Articles of Association of the Company.
    Note: For incorporation of a private company, the Articles of Association shall contain the following stipulations.
    1. Restriction on the right to transfer the company's shares;
    2. Probihition to any invitation to the public to subscribe the shares/debentures of the company; and
    3. Prohibition on public invitation to deposit money with the company.

    b. Form 48A (Statutory Declaration by a Director or Promoter before Appointment)
    The director or promoter declares under oath that:

    • - He/She is not a bankrupt; and
    • - He/She has not been convicted and imprisoned for any prescribed offences.

    Form 6 (Declaration of Compliances)

    • This declaration stated that all the requirements of the Companies Act have been complied with. It must be signed by the company secretary who handles the registation and is named in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

    Additional documents:

    • - Original copy of Form 13A.
    • - A copy of the letter from CCM approving the name of the company.
    • - A copy of the identification card and/or passport of each director and company secretary.
  4. Registration fees
    • Each application for the incorporation of a company shall be accompanied with payment as per the schedule following:
    Up to 400,000
    400,001 – 500,000
    500,001 – 1 million
    1,000,001 – 5 million
    5,000,001 – 10 million
    10,000,001 – 25 million
    25,000,001 – 50 million
    50,000,001 – 100 million
    100,000,001 and above
  6. Certificate of Incorporation
    • A Certificate of Incorporation will be issued by CCM upon compliance with the incorporation procedures and submission of the duly completed incorporation documents.
How long does it takes to incorporate
  • It usually takes approximately seven (7) days.
What needs to be prepared prior to incorporation
  1. The proposed company name for incorporation
    Note: Please provide a letter of consent to use the name of the holding company if the holding company is your preferred.
  2. Documents to fill in or bring along for opening bank account:
    • A copy of application form & specimen card of the bank.
      Note: There should have an introducer, can be either individual or company.
    • Company rubber stamp without company address.
    • All certified copies of statutory forms and directors' passport required upon application.
    • Deposit RM5,000 to RM10,000 (if may vary from bank to bank)
How long does it takes to open bank account
  • It is sole discretion of the bank.
Nominee Director Service

An individual who is given the role of non-executive director on the company's board of director, in place or another person, investor or finance institution. Usually, the nominee director is to meet the statutory compliance of a resident director.

About Directors
In Malaysia, Companies Act 1965 requires at least two directors who has his principal or only place of residence within Malaysia.
Who can be a Nominee Director

    The nominee director can be

  • - A Malaysian citizen
  • - Permanent resident
  • - Employment Pass or Dependent Pass holder
  • and has a Malaysia residential address.

Who should consider our Nominee Director Service

    If your company is 100% foreign owners which do have any residential address in Malaysia, you must appoint two nominee directors to fulfil this mandatory requirement of the Companies Act 1965.